About Me

Ph.D. from University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

M.S. in Biology from Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

B.S. in Biology from Cameron University, Lawton, OK

I completed my Ph.D. under Dr. Jaime Sabel at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. My dissertation research centers around the use of decision-making scaffolds related to socioscientific issues (SSIs) to support undergraduate biology students in decreasing PAD and increasing FBL (see the “Research Interests,” tab).

I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma where I studied the fossilized spores of the Missippian-aged cormose ligulate lycopsid known as Winslowia tuscumbiana. From there, I went on to receive a Master’s of Science degree in Biology from Texas State University where I researched how different classroom interventions affected student knowledge of, and attitudes toward, invasive species.