About Me

Ph.D. (In Progress) from University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

M.S. in Biology from Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

B.S. in Biology from Cameron University, Lawton, OK

Ph.D. Candidate in Biology Education

I’m currently pursuing my Ph.D. under Dr. Jaime Sabel at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. The Sabel lab is a mixed-methods discipline based education research (DBER) lab that researches the use of scaffolds to support undergraduate biology students in learning biology.

My personal research centers around the use of decision-making scaffolds related to socioscientific issues (SSIs) to support undergraduate biology students in decreasing plant awareness disparity (formerly known as plant blindness) and increasing botanical literacy (see the “Research Interests,” tab). I have taught both majors and non-majors undergraduate lab courses, as well as guest lectured and co-taught in biology lecture courses.

I received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma where I studied the fossilized spores of the Missippian-aged cormose ligulate lycopsid known as Winslowia tuscumbiana. From there, I went on to receive a Master’s of Science degree in Biology from Texas State University where I researched how different classroom interventions affected student knowledge of, and attitudes toward, invasive species.